Everyone knows the importance cultural monuments have, and many people’s dream is to travel the word and visit these places. The problem with this is how difficult it is to preserve these monuments, because of time damaging, natural disasters and sometimes even vandalism. Because of the risk of losing these monuments it is important to document them, and 3D technologies such as laser scanning or 3D printing, are used to capture detailed images of these landmarks.

The reality is, not everyone has the opportunity to visit or experience these places. And while it is important to maintain a record of them in case they get damaged, it is also important to consider cultural monuments preservation for those who might want to experience them from home.

The reason 3D technology is now so important for heritage preservation is because, until recently, replicas of historic structures (things like artifacts, statues, art and even architecture) were made using molds and casts. This is dangerous because they can potentially damage the objects. Using 3D technology can prevent damage, as it is done with lasers which are safe to use as they do not touch the original piece at all. With this technology even colour can be captured, which makes it safer to replicate things such as art pieces and paintings.

With 3D scanning it is possible to digitally record and preserve these objects, as they are capable of scanning the pieces features with high precision. This then transforms into an accurate 3D model that can be studied (or appreciated) by anyone without damaging the original. This allows for people to look at the piece with even more detail than they would be able to if the original was to be displayed in a museum for example, as analysing it digitally allows for zoom, for example. With 3D printing, we can use the data that was scanned to print a replica of the original. 3D printers can achieve an impressive level of detail, guaranteeing the safety of the original art.

Things like time-damage, erosion or climate change are unpredictable and even though these things cannot be prevented, 3D technology can make sure that there will always be data for backup replicas. These could, in the future, be accessible to everyone, teachers, scholars and even people in their own homes who are interested in them.

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