Laser Tracker Inspection

Laser Trackers offer accurate 3D measurements, optimizing workflow productivity for large scale metrology applications from reverse engineering and part inspection, to machine installation and alignment. 

Utilising a range of Faro Vantage and Leica AT400 series laser trackers, Manchester Metrology’s skilled engineers provide professional laser tracker inspection services, offering accurate measurements of large-scale objects such as jigs and fixtures, machined components, fabrications, tooling and many other engineering processes. The recent investment into the Leica ATS600 also provides a great opportunity to take advantage of the high accuracy of a laser tracker used in conjunction with reflector-less probing and 3D scanning.

The aerospace industry was one of the very first to adopt laser tracker inspection. Aircraft manufacturing is an ideal example of a large-scale metrology application which involves inspection of large parts, components and assemblies that are completed onsite. Other applications include the automotive sector, construction industry and more. 

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