Laser Scanning & Reverse Engineering

Manchester Metrology provides bespoke 3D scanning services to a number of industries across the UK including aerospace, automotive, construction and more. 

With our non-contact HD Laser Scanners, we can provide a CAD comparison service with detailed reports to suit customer requirements and because our equipment is portable, we can acquire data from anywhere and from any environment.

Manchester Metrology is highly experienced in Reverse Engineering services, producing true to form 3D data in .stl file formats and full parametric CAD modelling in multiple file formats.

Reverse engineering is a process in which software or products are deconstructed to extract design information from them. This is useful because over the years, manufacturers have developed a long list of machine products and parts for these machines. When one of these parts breaks or needs replacing, it is cost effective to avoid replacing the entire product and replace only the part instead. Reverse engineering utilises sophisticated equipment which allows you to determine how a certain part was designed in order recreate it. 

Manchester Metrology offers advanced HD laser scanning and reverse engineering services, utilising a range of equipment including the HandyScan700, HandyScan Black Elite and the MetraScan 750 Elite. Advanced technology enables the engineer to create more precise scans in a shorter period of time, which is beneficial for larger scale projects that require large quantities of scanning and reverse engineering to be completed in a shorter time period.