The new powerful and flexible CT scanner, used for measuring and testing small to medium-sized components.

The exaCT® M was built around a workstation-concept. Its compact design with well thought-out ergonomics make it possible for this new CT scanner to combine more power and flexibility with less space requirements. It has an integrated evaluation unit which allows for easy loading and makes it ideal for automating measuring and testing processes.

This workstation is used for measuring and testing small to medium-sized components, with a measuring volume of 300mm in height and 200mm in diameter. It is particularly suitable to use in dimensional metrology and non-destructive testing (NDT) of components, assemblies, and materials.

This new CT scanner’s flexibility makes it possible to be used in a variety of other fields:

– Dimensional control

– Wall thickness analysis

– Actual-to-nominal comparison

– Tool and component optimization

– Development, rapid prototyping

– Reverse Engineering

– Material defect analysis

– Structural analyses

– Assembly tests

– Joining technology testing

– Electronics testing

The WENZEL Group is a market leader in innovative Metrology. WENZEL’s technology is used in all industries, including the automotive sector, aeronautics, power generation and medicine.

Manchester Metrology Ltd is the official re-seller of the WENZEL exaCT® M and is an industry-leading metrology company offering sub-contract engineering work and metrology equipment for hire or purchase across the UK and worldwide.