3D printing can bring a lot of benefits in a lot of different fields, including the medical, chemical, and pharmaceutical sectors. In these sectors, 3D printing has a lot of applications like tissue design, organ printing, prosthetics printing and the design of medicines and delivery systems.

For the pharmaceutical sector specifically, the introduction of 3D technology has opened doors in the research, development and manufacturing of materials and devices.

Currently, it is very difficult to produce medicines that need to be ‘personalised’ and modified on a large scale. Different people might need the same medicine but in a different dosage, shape, or size, for example. The production of these modified tablets is very limited at an industrial level, and this is where the main benefit of 3D printing technology comes in: it makes it possible to produce these tailored medicines on a smaller scale. But what other benefits can come from this?

Quick and reliable – traditional methods work slower than 3D printing. When it comes to things like prosthetics, for example, 3d printing will create a model that is more accurate, reliable, and durable than a traditional method would.

Versatile and customizable – with 3D technology it will become easier to customise whatever product you are producing for the person that will be using it. Prosthetics, for example, can be created to suit the person who will be wearing it; medicine, etc., can be adapted to whatever dosage the specific person needs.


Cost efficient – 3D technology is known to be much more affordable in the long run when compared to other traditional methods. In the pharmaceutical sector, this would be more noticeable in manufacturing costs, where 3D technology will enable you to produce medicine with different characteristics as needed.

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