The capabilities of a 3D scanner are endless. With a variety of modern equipment available, no project is too big or too small. Some users may find it difficult to always keep an eye on the laptop screen whilst scanning or may find themselves in a scenario where it isn’t possible to have the laptop within line of sight of the scanner.

A very simple workaround is available with the help of some simple equipment, and an active internet connection. All you need is a remote desktop app, such as TeamViewer, and a universal phone holder with an adhesive mount. Simply stick the mount to the scanner, mount the phone to the scanner, and connect to your laptop via TeamViewer. You now have a mirror image of your laptop screen on your phone and can control the scanning software remotely.

This trick is useful for scanning tasks that involve a lot of stop/starting of scanning. It’s also perfect for situations where your scanning object is fixed in place, and you must work around it. Once scanning is complete, simply switch back to the laptop for comfortable post-processing.

The products used to create this mount are:

Universal Smartphone Clamp

Adhesive mount

And it’s as simple as that – a complete, interactive, adaptable, and wireless display, allowing you to scan with ease for less than £30!