Faro Prime

Faro Prime

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The FARO Prime delivers the highest FaroArm accuracy at an amazing value. The Prime is the ideal solution for measurements in inspection, reverse engineering, CAD-to-part analysis and for anywhere else a high-accuracy, hard-probing measurement solution is needed.1.2 m to 3.7m (4 ft. to 12 ft.) spherical working volume

Repeatability from 0.016mm (0.0006 in.) to 0.060mm (0.0024in.)

Compatible with a range of softwares including CAM2 measure 10, Delcam PowerInspect, Polyworks and many more

Temperature & Overload Sensors

Located in each joint, they allow the arm to “feel” and react to thermal variations and improper handling for maximum accuracy.

Extended-Use Battery

Integrated extended-use battery provides true ‘measure anywhere’ capability.

Internal Counterbalancing

Internal counterbalancing provides comfortable stress-free usage.

Multi-Probe Capability

Including various ball diameters, custom extensions and optional touch sensitive probe.

Bluetooth® Wireless Operation

Inspect and digitize wirelessly up to 10m (30ft.) away.

  • Faro Prime
  • Power Supply
  • Battery
  • USB Lead
  • Tooling case; 1 x 3mm Probe, 1 x 6mm Probe, 1 x Calibration Trivet, 1 x Alan Key and 1 x Spanner
  • Certified Calibration Certificate
  • Optional Extras Available