Faro Fusion

Faro Fusion

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Sizes Available: 8ft, 10ft and 12ft in 6 or 7AxisCompatible with a variety of software inc CAM2 measure 10, Polyworks and Delcam PowerInspect.

Mounting options available: Magmount, Tripod and Vacuum Mount

High Performance

Great Value 15% performance improvement over its predecessor, the FaroArm Titanium.

Temperature & Overload Sensors

Located in each joint, they allow the arm to “feel” and react to thermal variations and improper handling for maximum accuracy.

Bluetooth® Cable-Free Operation

Inspect and digitise wirelessly up to 10m (30ft.) away.

Internal Counterbalancing

Internal counterbalancing provides comfortable stress-free usage.

Multi-Probe Capability

Including various ball diameters, curved and extended probes.

Auto Sleep Mode

Automatically turns off unit to save energy and extend component life.

Universal 3.5” Quick Mount

Offers ‘Mount-it-where-you-make-it’ convenience and less downtime.