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Scanning with Ease!

The capabilities of a 3D scanner are endless. With a variety of modern equipment available, no project is too big or too small. Some users may find it difficult to always keep an eye on the laptop ...

3D Scanning – Manchester Metrology Help Greenwich Para-cyclist Matthew Robertson

Who is Matthew Robertson?

Matthew Robertson is a GB Para-cyclist, who is yet to, but will soon, compete at the Paralympic games. Matthew suffers from Hemiplegia in the right side of his body – Thi...


Modern Laser Scanning

When complex or large environments need to be recorded, or small manufactured parts need to be inspected, modern laser scanning can provide a convenient and cost-effective solution to data collecti...

MACH 2022 Review

MACH is the longest-running manufacturing and engineering exhibition in the UK, showcasing the largest variety of manufacturing technology solutions in the country. After a long time with no indust...

The importance of metrology in the manufacturing sector and how it affects our daily lives

It is safe to say that most people will have never heard of the term metrology, but the reality is that it has a vital role in our daily lives and an important role in the manufacturing sector.


How can 3D printing help the pharmaceutical sector?

3D printing can bring a lot of benefits in a lot of different fields, including the medical, chemical, and pharmaceutical sectors. In these sectors, 3D printing has a lot of applications like tissu...