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The importance of metrology in the manufacturing sector and how it affects our daily lives

It is safe to say that most people will have never heard of the term metrology, but the reality is that it has a vital role in our daily lives and an important role in the manufacturing sector.


How can 3D printing help the pharmaceutical sector?

3D printing can bring a lot of benefits in a lot of different fields, including the medical, chemical, and pharmaceutical sectors. In these sectors, 3D printing has a lot of applications like tissu...

3D Printed ornaments: make your Christmas decorations as unique as you

There is nothing like Christmas time. It is a season to spend time with family, lots of great food and great Christmas music, gifts and decorating a beautiful Christmas tree. For most people, decor...

How can 3D scanning and printing be helpful for reverse engineering?

Reverse engineering is a powerful way to create digital designs from a physical product or part of a product, and it is a process in which these products/parts are deconstructed to extract design i...

Creamform Metrascan – Jaco van Gass and his ambition of joining the British Armed Forces

The Situation

South African-born Jaco van Gass came to Britain at the age of 20, to pursue his ambition of joining the British Armed Forces.

After completing his training, he joined the Parachute...

3D printing prosthetics: how 3D printing is helping millions of people around the world

3D printing technology can be used in almost every industry in the world and is revolutionizing so many sectors, but this is especially true in the medical field.

When prosthetic limbs were first ...